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Bringing Google's DEI initiatives to our partners

Recognizing the immense impact that investing in diversity, equity and inclusion has had internally at Google, the POWER for Partners program is taking a pioneering step to share Google’s internal DEI resources externally with our partners so they in turn can benefit from those investments.


  The POWER for Partners program offers a comprehensive package to empower and equip its partners with the best practices, insights and strategies that have been honed within Google's own thriving DEI culture. By sharing this program, POWER for Partners aims to amplify the impact of DEI initiatives beyond the confines of Google.

Why is POWER for Partners Different?

Example Cohort Timeline

Google's POWER for Partners program offers a 9 month schedule including in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions to help develop the community and form strong relationships.

Month One

Launch Event: Meet your groups, Networking & More!

Month Two

Mentoring Session 

Creative Leadership Training 

Month Three

Mentoring Session

'RADA 'Training

Month Four

Mentoring Session

 & Winter Networking Event

Month Five

Mentoring Session 

Training TBC

Month Six

Mentor Session & IamRemarkable Celebration

Google's Approach to DEI

"A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” - Sundar Pichai

Our goal at Google is to be a company where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and has the opportunity to help shape our products, culture and company.


At the individual level, we also want to build a Google where everyone is empowered to succeed, grow, learn, and bring their best selves to work.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and integrity are fundamental to the way Googlers do business, practice our values and treat one another. This work drives better products and accelerated business growth as everyone has a voice and opportunity to participate and contribute.


Contact Us

Please get in touch with us for any queries you may have.

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