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Empowering women through Google's internal DEI Initiatives


created meaningful connections with women within the industry


of women were empowered to take risks they wouldn't have


had meaningful support during a challenging time

feedback from previous participants *

Our Mission

Our Pillars

"We emPOWER women to lead with confidence and resilience, driving industry-wide change. Our POWER for Partners Programme draws on Google's expertise and tools to support both women and our partners in achieving their own DEI goals." 



Through mentorship, individuals gain access to valuable industry-specific insights, professional networks, and career opportunities. Mentors provide valuable feedback, challenge mentees to grow, and offer guidance on overcoming obstacles and empowers them to seize opportunities. 



We firmly believe that leadership & development is the key to unlocking potential and opening doors to new opportunities. By investing in development as a pillar, we empower individuals to excel, drive innovation, and make a lasting impact in their careers and industries.​



The power of community extends beyond its surface-level benefits. It ignites collaboration, fuels innovation, and fosters a collective pursuit of excellence. Community acts as an ecosystem where individuals come together, bringing their diverse perspectives, expertise, and skills to the table.


Google has long invested in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and we have seen the impact that it has had on transforming the imbalance in gender equality at Google. 


POWER is one of the many internal DEI initiatives at Google and is designed to empower and advance women through three core pillars; Mentoring, Development and Community. The POWER for Partners initiative is externalizing this program to enable our Google partners to participate and benefit from Google’s extensive experience and investments in DEI.

The POWER for Partners program is a unique cross industry initiative whereby selected participants participate in a 9 month long cohort which includes cross industry small group mentoring, learning experiences and supportive and engaging networking opportunities within our community.



"Inspired by this training, I have stepped up to a more senior role within the Sport Industry"

POWER Mentee 2022 [Mid-Cycle Feedback]

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